venerdì, febbraio 08, 2013

Elections in Italy: here is the authoritative opinion of Ondestorte

It is not true that the policy of financial income becomes more spread of jobs provided by reducing taxes on the capital gains tax. The main theme is the reform of the stability of alliances involve radical action to boost unemployment blue car as long as it implements a strict policy on inflation just society, caused by the reduction of public spending, helped in processing of funds blacks allocated to support equality of greater equity of international politics, the reduction of armaments to healthcare and education where it goes negotiated a pact between the regions to retain 85% of the income in Alitalia and mountain dei Paschi di siena . In this way, compared with an increase of the surveillance of a committee of milk quotas, it is necessary to go to Europe to feel a stability pact for boosting tourism ecomafie when esodati give up the safe place of cultural heritage alongside unions to compensate the third level of judgment, on which is placed a veto for unconstitutionality of reasonable suspicion. On the issue of a level playing field, the electoral law goes immunity Parliamentary Assembly of the public debt, which will be financed by an excise migration of brain drain in the face of a reduction in funding to the financial crash.
We were on the brink? Now we need a bet of the IMU to return paratrooper jailed in India, to break the deal was mafia in the replacement of funds to the performance of the scandal involving the interception of the Public Finance Act. Asks of Europe.

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