giovedì, febbraio 23, 2012

Scientific sensational discovery: Italian scientists invent the "ever-fucking cockrat"

We are very pleased to tell the world this remarkable scientific and clinical achievement. this is the first creature-mix of human and animal genes appropriate compounds to achieve a goal overtime. E 'was obtained in Cockratology Research Centre (Research Center Rattocazzologia) Department bestio-sexual University of Arizona Penis. In developing the new creature, a team led by Professor Rod Tistango Rattazzi, another Italian genius fleeing abroad. In Italy, Rattazzi had been judged as an exhibitionist masturbating in the toilets of trains leaving the door open. No one suspected that Rattazzi was conducting his first studies on particular likeness that cock with a rat deprived of hair. "Apart from the claws, the rest are the same" thought Rattazzi in 1976. With this idea was presented to the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Culture, but received only door in the face.Migrated to the United States was arrested in the subway in New York for indecent exposure while he was sodomizing a rat which had a waxing, but America is the land of opportunities: conducted before Judge Cockburn Hardy County Pirlons in Massachusetts, wasimmediately released and was given a scholarship of $ 9000. Rattazzi Culatino began in a garage, a small town in Culaton Valley, his research on mice, the human fucking and cock of rats and mice of the cock. He succeeded in transplanting the tail of a vole on his dick and went to the National Animal Minkions Project, where he received an honorary urination. After only eight months he was called by the University of Penis, where he became Professor of Topocazzologia in 1998 and where he began to expand his research to achieve incredible results today: the birth of the laboratory rat Glandino, vulgarly called Topo-cock (or topocazzo), including the office of Muridi family, order of mammals.But we come to the description and the benefits of this sympathetic creature that, inter alia, the characteristic of riporodursi at a vertiginous speed being the screwing its prevailing employment. 12 to 30 cm long, the topocazzo is prone to epileptic-type seizures in which the animal stiffens and increases in size up to double in length. This is not a disease, but an attitude written in his genes. The seizure can indeed be induced in animals caressing and teasing. To get it back to normal just grab it firmly by the torso and massage along the length as long as the pet does not vomit. Unable to massage, you can throw a bucket of ice water on him, but then the pet will remain sad and frustrated. The topocazzo can be cared for safely at home where they can be kept warm, if possible, between the buttocks, where he loves to sneak. It should be noted in fact that this animal companion is not only suitable for older women, but also to young brides unsatisfied with this little friend who will find redemption by frustrating nights with her husband.The Topocazzo fact, during seizures, when routed, try to massage allocandosi produced a car that will be offered in the crevices and highlight the massage for a very long time. It is estimated that a topocazzo, with self-massage, you get to throw up after 4-6 hours. Here is a replacement for the now antiecologico vibrator, noisy, cold and pollution with its batteries. The topocazzo is also a handbag, ready for every occasion and never exhaust. It 's fantastic gift idea (not for male friends). Since the news has spread of these uses of Topocazzo, reservations rained thousands of call center at the Topkapi International, the multinational company that has bought the patent from the University of Topocazzo and intends to sell in pharmacies and sex shops in less than one year. While this news comes to us diramiamo Anxiety a dispatch stating that the Chinese would have entered illegally into the European market topicazzo products in Taiwan. But it seems certain that the Chinese have topicazzo the fault to slip in from the tail, an unfortunate incident that compromises the normal conditions of use.

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