domenica, luglio 22, 2007

Benvenuti a Bagdad

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cosa vi ha preso? cos'è? perché?

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Che cazzo fai Lupescu? Eh? Che cazzo fai?...
Sta buono, sta buonino, va bene?

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Baghdad made Arms Declaration a Day Ahead of Time
Iraq will hand over a written declaration of its weapons arsenal to the United Nations a day ahead of the December 8 deadline, a senior official told AFP.

The declaration would be given to the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Baghdad to pass on to their headquarters, Hossam Mohammad Amin, head of the National Monitoring Directorate, told reporters Tuesday.

"According to the resolution 1441 we are going to deliver this declaration in the proper time, on the seventh of this month, and the people here of the UNMOVIC and AIEA will take this declaration to New York and Vienna, said Amin who runs the Iraqi counterpart to the UN inspections bodies.

The UN Security Council on November 8 passed Resolution 1441 which gave Iraq 30 days to make a "complete and accurate" declaration of its programs to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other delivery systems.

US President George Bush warned Monday that he considered Iraqi compliance with the new UN disarmament regime "not encouraging".

"That declaration must be credible and complete or the Iraqi dictator will demonstrate to the world once again that he has chosen not to change his behavior," the president said.


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chi è il caro amico che ha mandato il commento inglese, copiando e incollando ?

vieni fuori se sei un uomo d'onore !

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